WORLD CUP Factory Model

瞬発力を高める新素材F-TEX。 狙った滑走ラインを駆け抜ける新シェイプ。 操作性能を維持しながら瞬発力を高めた新設計コア。 AMICSS Factory Racing Team とDevelopment teamが 勝利を追い求めるアスリートに贈る。 Factory Team が導き出した勝つための答え
それがWorldcup-Factory Model

F-TEX, a new material that increases explosive power. A new shape that allows you to run through the desired glide line. Completely new designed core that increases instantaneous power while maintaining operational performance. Presented by AMICSS Factory Racing Team and Development team to athletes who pursue victory. The answer to winning that Factory Team came up with is the Worldcup-Factory Model.


  • A. C. S - System
  • Sandwich Titanal Construction
  • FM-LVL Woodcore
  • F-TEX Topsheet
  • ISO AMICSS 8243 Sigma Base
  • Only ALLFLEX Insert


Length 1.62m 1.85m
Tip width 255mm 250mm
Waist 198mm 198mm
Tall width 236mm 225mm
Side cut range Secret Secret
Rider weight - -
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